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  5. Taking the show down today, thanks to everyone that went and checked it out. As is tradition now that it is down I can finally post photos of the piece. Special thanks to Jenn, Gabe, Charlie, Morag, Graham, Maya, Hana, Gordon and everyone else that lent me cars, vans or time. (photo by G. Nicholas)


  6. Show Is up until the 30th of June, go check it out!


  7. Alright see you tonight! Hopefully this apocalypse inducing rain subsists for a few hours later on and besides Perichute provides a splendid view of pan-continental destruction.


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    20 May – 30 June 2011

    Curated by Jenn Jackson

    Opening Reception: 22 May, 7pm
    Upshot: 4 June, 7 pm


    Lucky’s Gallery is pleased to present the forthcoming exhibition Perichute by Vancouver artist John Burgess. A sculptural materialization of portable architecture, Perichute re-imagines the gallery space through the construction of a hybrid framing device, a Perichute. Considering the formal architecture of the space as a potential psychic mechanism, Burgess evacuates the gallery and induces an indirect transference of vision. This projection is materialized as a multivalent appendage extending beyond the interior margins of the gallery, offering a phantasmagorical view of discarded peripheral space.

    The anamorphic objective induces an overlapping of quasi expanding fields offering indexical moments of time suspension. Both moving and still, Perichute is an illusory depiction of mental/spatial experience; a theatre of memory organized around a void. The invisible screen unravels spatial relations and reformulates an elaborate conversation amalgamated in the passage of vision from interior to exterior and back again. An ephemeral framing system, Perichute permits an eclipsed vision of observation along a displaced axis providing witness to a view of that which would otherwise be out of sight. The instrument penetrates the intervening body and extends its essential parts, a chute and a mirror, up and out towards the alternative deflected field. Inflexed towards the gallery interior, materials move mechanically from a receptacle position to one of authorized narrative. A utilization of architectural forms, Perichute magnifies emptiness, shifting the standard method of viewing to an unsealed union of spatial composition and mental projection.


    Lucky’s Gallery
    3972 Main Street
    Vancouver BC





  12. Installation at Antisocial w/ Graham Landin, Les Ramsay, and I. Taking it down today, I don’t think we got any good photos #blownit 



  14. Wall-Hanging Piece 2011